The Next Generation of Traders

Magnus Capital Center

About us

Magnus Capital Center is an international club, created to revolutionize the trading market. We are a worldwide team of experienced entrepreneurs specialized in financial market, trading and innovative technologies development.


We developed EAs « Expert Advisors » Software based on artificial Intelligence. These EAs consist of very complex algorithms that have the most advanced technological capabilities available on the market. In real time, it is possible to analyze market trends, identify the best opportunities and moments to make the purchase and sale to generate profits.
Our softwares are installed on the broker’s server and makes transactions every minute, every hour and every day. Forex Brokers substantially increase their turnover and revenues.


We offer an account management service for our members who purchased the full license software.
To be able to copy our master trading account:
you need to open your own broker account with our partner broker, make the verification process and deposit at least $25.000.
We connect your account and all the trades from our account will be duplicated to yours.


We have multiple sources of income :

Financial Trading: we are buying or selling an underlying amount in a financial market with the intention of earning a speculative profit.

Sales of our advanced products via our platform
Brokers commissions : we increase their turnover and revenues. For that we gets commissions from these increases.

You can purchase a software license or a part of it. The software license will pay affiliates based on the amount of profits from product sales, trading transactions and brokers’ commissions. We share our profits on a weekly basis with our members. The amount of profits may vary every week.